Robbert Hoving to succeed Arda Gerkens as President of Offlimits


As of 1 September, Arda Gerkens has been appointed President of the Regulatory Agency on Online Terrorist and Child Pornographic Materials (ATKM). This means that she will be leaving as President of Offlimits. She will be succeeded by Robbert Hoving, currently Director of Operations.

Mark Elstgeest, Chairman of Offlimits’ Board of Supervisors: ‘Thanks to her tremendous engagement, commitment, and sharp vision, she has professionalised Offlimits and expanded it into the organisation it is today. Offlimits does important work in combatting online transgressive behaviour. We are sorry that Arda is leaving, but we understand very well why ATKM wanted her. We wish Arda every success.

We are very happy with the appointment of Robbert Hoving as her successor and are confident that he will continue to shape Offlimits’ future development.’

Robbert Hoving: ‘Arda was one of the initiators of Offlimits. Under her inspiring leadership, Offlimits has grown from a small group of pioneers into a professional organisation with more than forty employees, committed to combatting online transgressive behaviour, and online child abuse in particular. We are very grateful to her.

Together with all our colleagues we will continue on our course. In our society, our online and offline existence is inextricably intertwined, in particular for young people, and we keep seeing how much we are needed every single day. For example, with our Child Sexual Exploitation Materials Hotline, where we work towards an internet free from images of sexual abuse of minors. Or with Helpwanted, where we connect with and help a lot of people confronted with online transgressive behaviour, such as sextortion. With Stop it Now, we make every effort to prevent sexual abuse of minors. At the same time, just like Arda, I will continue to fight for a free and open internet. It is a great honour to be filling her shoes.’